I absolutely love getting to see my client’s brand new babies again for Fresh 48 sessions a day or two after birth. It amazes me every time how much a day can change a baby! Maggie picked out the most adorable swaddles and headbands to use for Hannah’s Fresh 48 session. It was wonderful to […]

Hannah Alice’s Fresh 48 | St. Louis Birth Photographer

Typically Fresh 48 sessions happen in a postpartum hospital room or the home within 48 hours of giving birth. This Fresh 48 session was a bit different, because sweet Miles had to have a bit of a NICU stay after inhaling some meconium at birth. I wanted to make sure we got a session where […]

Miles Robert NICU Session | St. Louis Newborn Photographer

The plan was for me to take pictures of labor and birth, but Miss Rea Scarlett had other plans in mind. She arrived fast and furious! When Spencer texted me saying Molly was at 7 cm when they arrived at the hospital, I knew my chances of making it before Rea was born would be […]

Rea Scarlett Thomas – Two Hours Fresh | St. Louis Fresh 48 Photographer | Gretchen Day Photography


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