*Disclaimer*: this post contains raw birth images. I understand this is not everyone’s cup of tea. If this isn’t your thing, this is your warning to stop scrolling. These are very vulnerable and intimate moments I’m sharing because I believe it’s important for all types of birth stories to be told. I share to help […]

The Birth of Louis James | A Birth Photographer’s Birth Story

I had the wonderful privileged to document the birth story of Hannah Alice. It was an amazing and encouraging birth even though it didn’t go the way she had originally planned. Maggie, the mom and also a midwife herself, was gracious enough to share the birth story from her perspective. “This birth story starts a […]

A Midwife’s Hospital Birth | The Birth Story of Hannah Alice | St. Louis Birth Photographer

*Uncensored real birth images ahead. Images were posted with permission. I heard the loud ding of my phone. I opened my eyes and saw by the light coming through the windows that it was early morning. My heart always skips a beat when I hear my phone go off if I’m on call for a […]

Family Centered Home Birth | Alma Helen’s Birth Story | St. Louis Birth Photographer

Some may ask, why wouldn’t I be content giving birth in a hospital? That’s a valid question because I would say the majority of women I talk to desire a hospital birth and feel most comfortable birthing their babies in a hospital. Which is awesome! Women should be able to birth where they feel most […]

How I found contentment in having a hospital birth | St. Louis Birth Photographer

I think I might do a little happy dance anytime I receive a birth inquiry. I was equally happy to get Lilly’s email about her upcoming home birth. I met Lilly, Sadie and their daughter about a month before Lilly was due and we connected immediately. Conversation was easy and filled with a lot of […]

The Birth of Isabelle Francesca | Empowering Home Birth | St. Louis Birth Photographer

I first met Erin & Adam at Hartford coffee in Tower Grove South. We had a great conversation about all things birth over a cup of coffee and I knew right away it would be great to capture their birth story. Fast forward a few months later and it was the birth month! Erin went […]

Roman’s Birth Story | Mercy Hospital | St. Louis Birth Photographer

Every birth I’ve attended is amazing. It’s where I get to witness the love, strength and determination it takes to bring a baby earth-side. But the birth of Miles Robert changed me, rocked my world, and left me in awe at the power of the love for one’s child. I drove to Barnes-Jewish hospital around […]

The Birth of Miles Robert | St. Louis Birth Photographer

I had been on call for a few weeks before I got the call. I brought my photography gear everywhere with me just in case. Thankfully, on the night of November 27th, I brought my camera bag to a friend’s birthday party. I had a feeling I would get a call from Allison and sure […]

The Birth of Dean Thomas | St. Louis Birth Photography

I got a text from Katie around 7:30 am on Friday, October 19th letting me know that she thinks her labor has started. Knowing that this was her third baby, that she was 42 weeks (scheduled to be induced the next day), and had a 4 hour labor last time, I knew I needed to […]

The Birth of Donix | St. Louis Birth Photographer

I was honored to be there during the birth of Miles Augustine. I kept receiving updates about Kaitlyn’s labor during my son’s first birthday party. I was so nervous I might miss the big debut and during the end of the party, finally called up at the Mercy Birthing Center (MBC) and they told me to […]

Miles Birth Story | St. Louis Birth Photographer


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