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Kayser (pronounced Kay-sir) is from the Arabic word meaning “ruler”. Baraka (pronounced like our Kenyan American president plus an “ah” at the end) means “blessed” in Swahili. 1 Timothy 6:15 says God is the BLESSED and only RULER, the King of kings and Lord of lords. We pray our son’s name will be a testimony […]

Kayser Baraka | St. Louis Lifestyle Newborn Photography

I had the privilege and honor to capture the adoption of these sweet brothers to The Schwarz Family. These aren’t your typical adoption pictures because they weren’t done in a courtroom, they were done in their home over a zoom call. It was kind of perfect – becoming a family in their new home. I […]

The Schwarz Family – An Adoption Story

Though Becky & Kevin’s wedding was much smaller than they had hoped it would be due to Covid, their love for each other has grown so much this year. The scripture they chose for the wedding was from 1 Corinthians 12:4-8. You are probably familiar with it: “Love is patient and kind; love does not […]

Becky + Kevin Winter Wedding

I’m convinced I get the BEST families as my clients. Below you will see some of my favorite images from each family that booked a Mini Session this fall. After a crazy year of 2020, it was refreshing to end it with some normalcy, Fall Minis. Thankful I have a zoom lens that allowed me […]

A Look Back at 2020 Fall Minis

2020 was quite the year. It was full of so many hardships, but as I end the year, I’ve been reflecting on the good and fun that happened too. These are a few of my favorite things from 2020! These are in no particular order. Things #1 These Joggers  Do I have these in 3 […]

My Favorite Things of 2020

*Disclaimer*: this post contains raw birth images. I understand this is not everyone’s cup of tea. If this isn’t your thing, this is your warning to stop scrolling. These are very vulnerable and intimate moments I’m sharing because I believe it’s important for all types of birth stories to be told. I share to help […]

The Birth of Louis James | A Birth Photographer’s Birth Story

I absolutely love getting to see my client’s brand new babies again for Fresh 48 sessions a day or two after birth. It amazes me every time how much a day can change a baby! Maggie picked out the most adorable swaddles and headbands to use for Hannah’s Fresh 48 session. It was wonderful to […]

Hannah Alice’s Fresh 48 | St. Louis Birth Photographer

I had the wonderful privileged to document the birth story of Hannah Alice. It was an amazing and encouraging birth even though it didn’t go the way she had originally planned. Maggie, the mom and also a midwife herself, was gracious enough to share the birth story from her perspective. “This birth story starts a […]

A Midwife’s Hospital Birth | The Birth Story of Hannah Alice | St. Louis Birth Photographer

*Uncensored real birth images ahead. Images were posted with permission. I heard the loud ding of my phone. I opened my eyes and saw by the light coming through the windows that it was early morning. My heart always skips a beat when I hear my phone go off if I’m on call for a […]

Family Centered Home Birth | Alma Helen’s Birth Story | St. Louis Birth Photographer

Sweet Kailey arrived into the world a week early surprising her parent’s Kristen and Jonathan. Kristen and I were besties in high school and it was a delight to watch her bloom in her new role as a mama. It was like she’d been doing it for years. I absolutely love capturing how smitten first […]

Kailey Alane | St. Louis Lifestyle Newborn Photographer


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