The day you give birth will change you. There is nothing else quite like it. The beautiful story that will unfold is something worth documenting.



I became immersed in the birth world when I became pregnant with my daughter. 

Sadly, I don’t have a single picture of her labor and birth. I knew I needed pictures of each of my sons' birth. This picture (taken by the amazing Dana Jacob's Photography) of me holding my son, Louis, for the first time is absolutely priceless to me. She perfectly captured the immense love and relief I felt.

I want to give other families this same gift. The births of my children have given me passion to love mamas and capture their strength as they welcome their little ones into the world.

I believe it's important for you to see the strength you embodied as wave after wave rushed over your whole being.

I want every mama to see the love that filled the entire room when their baby was born.

I want my images to empower other women to know what their bodies are capable of.

I long for you to see the face you made as you held your baby for the first time.

 I want the walls of your home to tell your story

I want to capture the first time your baby opens their tiny eyes to gaze into yours.

I hope to document that glorious first latch that feels like both the end of your birth story and the beginning of your story as a mother.

I long for you to see the beam of pride on your husbands face as he marveled at the power you displayed while pushing your baby out. 


As a birth photographer...

I am here to capture all these moments and more so you can treasure your memories forever

The Process


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I understand that birth is an intimate experience. That is why I offer a free consultation so we can get to know each other and talk about all things birth. Let’s meet for a cup of coffee, skype, or even text back and forth.


On Call

I will be available to you on call 24/7 from 37 weeks until baby is born. We will be in contact the coming weeks and days before baby’s arrival.


It's baby time!

This is my favorite step when I get to capture your story. I'll arrive at your birthing place when you are in active labor. I stay two hours after baby arrives. 


See your beautiful images

Within 2 days, I will share a sneak peek of a few favorite images. Within 2 weeks, I will deliver your online gallery where you can download your portraits directly to your computer.


Order your tangible heirlooms

Birth Pictures were meant for more than sitting in a computer folder. I believe that printing your pictures creates heirlooms that allow your family to cherish memories of your baby’s arrival for years to come. You can order products directly from your online gallery.



Birth Stories are all inclusive at $1,400

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Client Love

"If you are looking for a birth photographer, Gretchen is your girl! She captured every aspect of my son's birth and I will always cherish the photos she took. She is so knowledgeable about labor and was a huge part of my birth team. She will support you in whatever way you desire. Whether that means quietly snapping pictures in the corner or holding your hand as you ride out contractions. She is a rock star and I cannot recommend her enough!"


Ready to learn more about having your birth story captured? 

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