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*Uncensored real birth images ahead. Images were posted with permission. I heard the loud ding of my phone. I opened my eyes and saw by the light coming through the windows that it was early morning. My heart always skips a beat when I hear my phone go off if I’m on call for a […]

Family Centered Home Birth | Alma Helen’s Birth Story | St. Louis Birth Photographer

Sweet Kailey arrived into the world a week early surprising her parent’s Kristen and Jonathan. Kristen and I were besties in high school and it was a delight to watch her bloom in her new role as a mama. It was like she’d been doing it for years. I absolutely love capturing how smitten first […]

Kailey Alane | St. Louis Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

Some may ask, why wouldn’t I be content giving birth in a hospital? That’s a valid question because I would say the majority of women I talk to desire a hospital birth and feel most comfortable birthing their babies in a hospital. Which is awesome! Women should be able to birth where they feel most […]

How I found contentment in having a hospital birth | St. Louis Birth Photographer

I think I might do a little happy dance anytime I receive a birth inquiry. I was equally happy to get Lilly’s email about her upcoming home birth. I met Lilly, Sadie and their daughter about a month before Lilly was due and we connected immediately. Conversation was easy and filled with a lot of […]

The Birth of Isabelle Francesca | Empowering Home Birth | St. Louis Birth Photographer

Whitney and Jeff go to the same church as us and are a part of our community group. When Whitney asked if I would do their maternity pictures, I was absolutely thrilled! I always feel so honored to capture these special seasons of life for dear friends. It’s been an absolute joy to be pregnant […]

Forest Park Maternity | The Dee Family | St. Louis Maternity Photographer

I first met Erin & Adam at Hartford coffee in Tower Grove South. We had a great conversation about all things birth over a cup of coffee and I knew right away it would be great to capture their birth story. Fast forward a few months later and it was the birth month! Erin went […]

Roman’s Birth Story | Mercy Hospital | St. Louis Birth Photographer

Maggie and Todd’s house was one of those homes you walk into and immediately feel at home. Their daughter, Cleo, is the same age as my daughter, so it was fun to interact with her and see all the similarities. When I first arrived, Cleo was very interested in my camera bag wanting to know […]

Baby Clayton | St. Louis Lifestyle Newborn Photographer

I met Aubri and Sean via email only about a week before Luca was born. I was planning on doing their maternity portraits, but Luca decided to surprise us all with an earlier than expected arrival. Aubri and Sean are such a friendly and warm couple. I’m a little obsessed with their loft and all […]

Luca Newborn | St. Louis Lifestyle Newborn

Typically Fresh 48 sessions happen in a postpartum hospital room or the home within 48 hours of giving birth. This Fresh 48 session was a bit different, because sweet Miles had to have a bit of a NICU stay after inhaling some meconium at birth. I wanted to make sure we got a session where […]

Miles Robert NICU Session | St. Louis Newborn Photographer

Every birth I’ve attended is amazing. It’s where I get to witness the love, strength and determination it takes to bring a baby earth-side. But the birth of Miles Robert changed me, rocked my world, and left me in awe at the power of the love for one’s child. I drove to Barnes-Jewish hospital around […]

The Birth of Miles Robert | St. Louis Birth Photographer


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