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I first met Erin & Adam at Hartford coffee in Tower Grove South. We had a great conversation about all things birth over a cup of coffee and I knew right away it would be great to capture their birth story. Fast forward a few months later and it was the birth month! Erin went past her due date (which is completely normal for first time mamas) and was induced at 41 weeks. They went in around midnight and I got a call around 5:30 am that Erin was in active labor and that I should head to Mercy Hospital. When I arrived, she had just gotten an epidural and had her water broken. We decided it was best that I hang in the waiting room for a bit so they could get some much needed sleep after pulling an all night-er in labor. It wasn’t 2 hours later that Adam comes in to get me to let me know that Erin was at 10 cm and ready to push. Talk about a fast and successful induction! Erin was one of the calmest mom’s I’ve ever seen in labor. She had been walking 3 miles every day to prepare for birth and it obviously helped her labor progress and gave her the strength to push her baby out pretty quickly. Once her OB came during the pushing stage of labor, it was only about 30 minutes before Roman was born. Roman’s gender was a big surprise! He was absolutely perfect. Erin and Adam were filled with joy and absolutely smitten with their son. As I left the hospital I couldn’t stop smiling about the amazing birth I had witnessed and was in awe of Erin’s strength and Adam’s support throughout the entire morning! Such a joy and honor every single time to be invited into the birth space of a family. I will never get over how amazing my job is!

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