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I was honored to be there during the birth of Miles Augustine. I kept receiving updates about Kaitlyn’s labor during my son’s first birthday party. I was so nervous I might miss the big debut and during the end of the party, finally called up at the Mercy Birthing Center (MBC) and they told me to head in because things were getting intense. I left the party a little early and headed into MBC as fast as I could. I gave birth to my daughter there and memories were flooding in as I walked through the doors. I walked in to find Kaitlyn laboring beautifully with her husband, Drew and her doula, Emily supporting her through each contraction. She was definitely in active labor and was working so well through each wave. It was one of the most amazing labors I’ve been able to witness. The encouragement she received during each contraction was incredible. The love that Drew had for her was raw and tangible. And Emily was a rock star talking her through every single contraction. It was a labor of love and I think the pictures speak for themselves. I have yet to see a mama work as hard as Kait did through labor. Unfortunately baby was in a wonky position creating an unusually difficult and long labor. After hours and hours and hours of no progress (and later to find her body actually undilated – yes that’s actually a thing!), the midwives suggested an epidural to help her body relax and continue to dilate while she rested. The transfer upstairs was seamless and the support she received was phenomenal. After a few hours it was pushing time. At 11:58 pm on April 7th, 2018 Miles Augustine came into the world. There is something about a long labor that makes the arrival a special kind of sweet. Congratulations Kait and Drew, Miles is absolutely perfect!!!

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